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Welcome to
Ferretworld, home of The Ferretworld Ferret Roadshow and Ferretworld Ferret Products.
Our Ferretworld Roadshows are a Feast of Ferrets suitable for all ages.
Simon Bishop, also known as "The Black Countrymon" gives a fun talk on the History of Ferrets, where they originate from, and what they are used for past and present.
Graham "The West Countryman" gives a similar display in Ferretworld Roadshow 2. Our Roadshow 3 is a static display run by the Bishop family !
The Roadshows bring a new dimension to your Show, Fete or School where the children form a part of the action, racing the ferrets and learning all about them.
Take a look at The Race to see the ferrets in action. Then give us a call or contact us. You won't be disappointed. See our Show Dates page to find out when we are near you !
The Ferretworld Roadshow will be appearing at venues around the country so come along, bring the kids and let them "Race the Ferret" !!
Our Ferret Shop has many products for your ferret, many of them made by or for Ferretworld exclusively. Everything from cage accessories to treats and toys. Our ferrets love them, so will yours !

Ferretworld, Ferretworld Roadshow, Eric the Ferret logo, Feast of Ferrets, and Ferretworld Product names are all copyright 2001." The Blackcountrymon" copyright 2012.

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